My Role in this Project

This is an individual design project I worked on during IDT 8030 Design of Blended and Online Learning Environments. The learning management system (LMS) I used for this project is Blackboard. I acted as the project initiator, instructional designer, researcher, subject matter experts and course builder throughout the first round of design & development. Peer reviewers and the course instructor also helped with guiding me to make revisions and progress at each stage of the design. 

Throughout this project, I was able to practice an iterative instructional design model, polish my technical writing skills, LMS within Blackboard sandbox course, and improve my skills in research, project management, and instructional design. 


Intro to Ballet
(History | Terminology | Basic Technique)

A three-module non-major Ballet introductory sandbox course on Blackboard

This sandbox course developed on BlackBoard is meant to be a college-level non-major elective course that will provide an online learning environment for learners to learn about the history, terminology, basic techniques, and art appreciation. 

This course will start off with a journey back to 1300s Italy to learn about the origins of Ballet. Learners will be engaging in multimedia presentations of information in this course to find their passion in this classical art. They will also be learning and practicing basic techniques in ballet (arm & foot positions, moves) and upload the video to their dance journals. 


This course will end on a dance critique on a full ballet performance that learners can choose to attend in person in theatre or online to show their dance appreciation knowledge and skills. 

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